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Backgrounds Archive

Choose a background by theme, brightness, color and rating.

Color Maker


The 'Colors' section allows you to change background and text colors. Just select the element you wish to modify and click on the color you like. The Sample Page on the right will be updated automatically. The color pallete uses the standard 216 'web-safe' colors to increase the likelihood that visitors to your web pages will see the exact colors you specify.

The 'Patterns' section allows you to spice up your web pages with more than 150 different background patterns from more than 20 different major color themes. Just select a color theme, then click on the background pattern you like. The Sample Page will be updated automatically. The background patterns are NOT necessarily limited to the standard 216 'web-safe' colors. That means some of them may look hideous when viewed on monitors with less than thousands of colors (16-bit). Be sure to thoroughly test any background pattern before committing it to one of your web pages.

The 'Links' section contains links to many sites useful for color design and web design in general.

Background City

Welcome to BackgroundCity.Com...
your best source for backgrounds and textures, all original and absolutely free!

Web Terrace

Welcome to Web Backgrounds! You'll find hundreds of free webpage backgrounds, just click on the link that reads Backgrounds. There are a number of galleries to choose from and I'll be adding more backgrounds on a regular basis. All the backgrounds are seamless tiles, meaning you have a small picture, but they all blend together nicely, you don't see where the tile repeats on the page.
Most of the tiles are in jpg or gif format. All you have to do is right-click with your mouse on the background you want then click save background as or save picture as, depending on what web browser you use.

Designed to a T- Background Generator

Click on the background image to preview. Right click and select "save as" to download images

Rose's Backgrounds

A variety of solid, textured and patterned backgrounds

Realm Graphics Backgrounds

Realm Graphics Backgrounds is a comprehensive collection of over 330 background textures for Web pages. Almost all of these images are seamless tiles excellent for Web display, 3D rendering, VRML, and even desktop backgrounds after conversion. These images are categorized by themes for ease of navigation.

Headline Makers

Flaming Text


Create your own free custom logos, graphics and clipart. We have also have fonts, buttons, banners, icons, animations, and web templates.


Basic logo creation tool however you can make an interesting headline by changing font, color and background.

Cool Text Graphics Generator

Cool Text is a free graphics generator for web pages and anywhere else you need an impressive logo without a lot of design work. Simply choose what kind of image you would like. Then fill out a form and you'll have your own custom image created on the fly.
Also lets you create buttons

Word Art Creator

Use this amazing tool to turn any tex into a fancy sign that you can save and use wherever you need it. you can select the size, font, a cool 3D style, and the color to make this word-art sign truly your own. If you do not see a "XARA 3D Sampler" box below, then it could be because your browser or antivirus software is preventing it from being displayed on this page.

3-D Text Maker

What is 3DTextMaker.com???
It's an online 3D text banner creation tool. This unique tool is completely on-line -- nothing to download or install. Better yet, it's ABSOLUTELY FREE -- no prepaid tokens or subscriptions.

What can I do with 3DTextMaker.com?
Create your own 3D text banners! Choose a font, colorize it, size it, and jazzercise it -- then save it and take it with you. You name it and you can do it!

Spell With Flicker

Use photos from Flicker to create headlines. You can either save each individual image or copy the code.


Write some text and click Generate Sign to make your own animated scrolling text LED sign

Hexadecimal Colors

hex_colors.jpgHexadecimal Colors

These 216 six-digit hexadecimal color codes define what are considered safe, non-dithering colors

500+ Hexadecimal Colors

This page lists over 500 colors by color name, Hex value, RGB value and Microsoft Access code number.
You cannot specify these colours in HTML by their color name but you can use their RGB hexadecimal value, eg: <font color="#800080">


The chart helps you pick a hexadecimal color code from more than 1,000 named colors for use in HTML Web page features. Click on the color set closest to the hue that you want, and you'll see a chart with color names and hex codes. You can use the Hues Hub to choose the hex code from among 4,800 unnamed colors. You can use a quick reference table to see the other charts and information available.

Math is Fun- hexadecimal colors

external image additive-color-mixing.gif Hexadecimal colors are based on the idea that any color can be made by mixing Red, Green and Blue, and so it is called the "RGB Color System". It is also classified as an "Additive" color system, because it starts at black, and then color is added. Use the slider bars to create the color for you web page.


Hexadecimal Color Codes

This page demonstrates the six-digit hexadecimal representation of color of the form #RRGGBB, where RR, GG, and BB are the hexadecimal values for the red, green, and blue values of the color. Using a hexadecimal code is the most reliable of the several ways you can define colors in HTML or style sheets.

You can use the Hex Hub to choose from among these colors as sorted by hue. The colors come from a variety of sources including popular color sets. I also list many other colors you won't find anywhere else--such as cheddar, lake michigan, moon, cinnamon, fog, titanium, battleship, mint, yolk, chili, espresso, cream city brick, hematite, safety vest, and more!

This page is part of The Color Spot, a collection of Web pages showing color codes used in HTML and style sheets. You can use a quick reference table to choose from among the many other color tables available.Color swatches are defined by using the hexadecimal code for the color and are sorted by the hexadecimal code. The color names are descriptive and shouldn't be used to specify a color unless you are using the 16 named colors or SVG colors. You can see shades of these colors to use in creating color schemes.


Pallate Generator

Automatically create a pallate from any picture. Choose or upload a photo and a palette of colors based on the colors in the photo will be generated automatically. Use it to help with art projects, website design, or even with decorating your home.

Button Maker

Realm Graphics Buttons

Realm Graphics Buttons is a comprehensive collection of over 130 buttons for Web pages. Buttons are key graphical elements for Web page navigation. Here we offer buttons with frames, bevels, arrows, and a variety of other styles. These page design elements are categorized by themes locate the type you need easily.


This site contains over 3,500 navigation buttons. They are available for white or black backgrounds. The first thing to do is choose one of the three styles and decide if you want the large or the small version.

As Button Generator

As Button Generator is Button Generator. You can edit the icon you see. It's very nice button generator service.
You can allocate the image you chosen and the text you typed, they are movable by mouse drag.

Other Tools


Typo Generator

This awsome web site takes the words you type into the text box and creates a beautiful words picture known as tag clouds. You can save this project by clicking view 640X 480. Right click and choose Save Image As.


Tag clouds can be embedded on a web page and serving as navigation units. Tagul clouds are designed to be used on blogs, web pages or any kind of sites as a replacement of ordinary tag clouds. Each tag in Tagul cloud is linked with an URL and is “clickable” that enables visitors to use it for navigation

Table Maker

Just fill in your preferences for the table you want to make (only the DATA field is absolutely required) and then hit either of the two "Make Table" buttons. Select the names of the different options (the links in all CAPS) for a description of what they represent. For help on using TableMaker , see the Examples page.

Free Fonts

The free-fonts.com database contains more than 55.000 fonts - truetype, opentype, postscript type 1 typefaces. Let's go: Search fonts and then download free fonts or buy fonts!
Do you have a image of a font only? Try WhatTheFont to find out the font name!


The Typetester is an online application for comparison of the fonts for the screen. Its primary role is to make web designer’s life easier. As the new fonts are bundled into operating systems, the list of the common fonts will be updated. You can change the actual font, font size, color orientation and background colors.

Realm Graphics

Realm Graphics has over 340 textures for fills and page backgrounds... even see what it looks like on a page with TextureView and TextShow! This, and now over 380 bullets and over 130 buttons and while we're at it let's include over 510 icons and 350 lines... Realm Graphics is truly the One Stop Shop for web development images!

Hot Horizontal Rules

Plenty of interesting horizontal rules for use in your web site.

arg-m-50-trans.gifDancing Cartoon Alphabet

ARG! Cartoon Animation created this DANCING CARTOON ALPHABET for free use on non-commercial Web pages with a link to www.artie.com. Some of the medium-size RED letters are linked below. And here are some red numbers and punctuation.

Harry the Cat Animated GIF Files

Over 3,000 animated gif for non commercial use


Below you will find 50+ web tools you can use to create your own web-based story. Again, the mission is not to review or try every single one (that would be madness, I know), but pick one that sounds interesting and see if you can produce something.

Color Scheme Designer

Use this site to play around with a variety of colors and shades

HTML Playground

This web site makes creating HTML code a breeze. Choose the code, adjust the attributes and the code is written for you.