Teach-nology: Timelines

footsteps.jpgThis generator can be used to make time lines of up to 9 events of your choice.
Time Lines can run horizontal or vertical. Choose the type of card you would like to make.

Read Write Think Timelines

Make your timeline by date, time, event, entry, other. Once done you must print this timeline, it will not be saved online. A timeline will be listed on the top of the page with details listed below.


For serious technology users. Use this free online tool to create timelimes embedded with media that can be shared with others. Create timelines that include music, pictures and photos, video and text. Change backgrounds and customize your timeline for a personal and creative touch. This site requires Flash.

In the Classroom:
Skills needed: Teachers need to be able to identify material to be used in the creation of the timeline and strategies to help students be prepared for student assignments (checklists, goal sheets, or presentation planners). Click "Create" to begin making a "Capzles." Use the buttons on the left to follow the creation process and create with the following: Add titles, description, tags, content and media, set privacy, and share. Watch a video tutorial to learn steps to create a timeline. Click "Explore" along the top to view previously made timelines. Click on "Share" to send email links to others.

Safety/Security: To create an account, enter a login and password. The next screen requires personal information including email. Consider creating a class account for easier access. If students are permitted to have their own account, it is recommended that passwords and logins be maintained for those students who forget. Students must have individual accounts (email required). Check your school policies about accessing/sharing student email on school computers. You may want to create your own Gmail account with up to 20 subaccounts for each group of students (by code name or number) within your classes. Here is a blog post that tells how.

This site includes content contributed by the general public and may not be suitable for the classroom. You may want to send students directly to URLs for their own projects or use the site as a whole-class activity using a teacher-created capzles to spark discussion. (Information from Teachers First web site).


Timetoast Timelines

Create timelines of related events and share them anywhere on the web for free. Hovering over events on the time line enlarges them. Create your own or browse many of the timelines already created on the site to use. Browse many great examples from such categories as Music, Science, Film, Politics, Biography, and Art and Culture.
Information taken from Teacher First

Time Glider

timeglider_logo.jpgWant an incredibly intuitive timeline software that can be used on the web and with more than on person? Use Timeglider as one of the best applications for the planning, creating and sharing of history and other projects. You can simply look at timelines related to various topics in history or even current events. Or you can create your own timeline. Users grab the timeline and drag it in order to see different time periods and centuries. Create event spans that can overlap each other and create a greater understanding of how events can influence other events. Zoom out for a broader scope and view of time. Further enhancements will broaden the extent of the zooming capability. As it is web based, use this for collaboration among students. Create an account for free by entering names, email, password, etc. Email verification is not required. Enter the information for your first timeline including target year. After agreeing to terms, your timeline will open around your target years. Click the green arrow on your timeline box to edit parameters of your timeline and find the share/embed information. Use the mouse to drag along the timeline to a new area. Double click the space in the timeline to enter a title, description, time parameters, importance of the event, etc. or by clicking the "New event/image" tab. Import flickr photos, Wikipedia events, and more by clicking on the "Import" tab. Click on the wrench icon in the upper right for even more tools. Be sure if sharing to click "edit" to edit the timeline and make sure the "Make timeline public" box is checked. This will allow the timeline to be shared with others. (Information taken from Teachers First).
Go to http://timeglider.com/instructions/ to get directions on how to use this program.


Xtimeline allows you to view, create, share, and discuss interactive timelines. The sample, user-created timeline topics vary greatly: History of the Olympic Games (perfect during Olympic years), Google Company History, Biography of Mozart, Pregnancy Timeline, Timeline of Harry Potter Series, Eleanor Roosevelt, Darfur, and countless others. There are search options to help you find the timeline that you are looking for. Of course, there is also the option to create your own unique timeline and share it by URL or by embedding in your class blog, wiki, or ther web page (see example below). Many of the timelines include Flash enabled animations or videos. (information taken from Teachers First)

Our Timelines


This web site generates truly fascinating personalized web pages for you. They s

how how your life (or the life of anyone else you choose - for instance, your descendants and ancestors) fits into history as we know it.

You can generate as many timelines as you like. If you're into creating web pag

es, you can even take the timelines we generate for you here and put them on your own pages - an unmatched personal touch everyone will enjoy.
In addition, you can insert up to ten custom, color-coded personal time segments (events or ranges) in a time line. These might include schooling, marriages, job assignments, military service and so forth.

TimeLine Interactive

Simple timeline, fill in the blanks and the timeline is created. Choose between date, time, event or entry for the information on your timeline. Once it is done print out the final project.

Thinkport: My Timeline

This builder will help you construct a timeline, adding events, descriptions, and images that help bring content alive.


What is this Timelinr, anyway?

Timelinr is a simple web 2.0 application used for creating timelines online. You just need to enter the start year and end year of the timeline (range) and add events to the timeline and then click 'Create Timeline'. Timelinr will generate the Timeline based on the input you gave and it will return the HTML for your Timeline, which you can copy and use it anywhere.

TimeLinr Instructions http://timeglider.com/instructions/

Time Rime

timerime_logo.pngTimeRime.com allows you to view, create, and share interactive timelines. Use this site to search for user-created timelines about Barack Obama, and other past U.S. presidents, the sound of Motown, the history of Coca-Cola, Modern Thai Politics, and countless other topics. Use the search options at the top or bottom of the page to narrow your search. There is also the option to create your own unique timeline and share it by URL or by embedding in your class blog, wiki, or web page. To create a timeline you MUST register at the site. This requires a username, password, and your email address. The timelines require Flash.


Preceden is a web-based tool that lets you you make simple, powerful timelines for just about anything. Whether you want to make an autobiography, teach world history, plan your business, wedding, or vacation, Preceden can help you make the perfect timeline.


Dipity lets you create timelines that you can share with the world. You can share the latest news, YouTube videos, Flickr photos, Twitter and more.

class_tools.gifClass Tools

Good timeline if you are only looking for a site to make a very basic project

Our Story

How it Works:

Make your timeline about anything.
Collaborate with family and friends
Share it with whomever you want
Add your timeline to MySpace or your blog


World History

Create your own biography timeline and map, add your ancestors and view them on a historical map. Interactive Maps, Timelines, Videos, Geocoded Photos, and Museum Artifacts await you on WorldHistory.com

Sbrowning- Who What When

WhoWhatWhen is a database of key people and events from 1000 A.D. to the present. Create graphic timelines of periods in history and of the lives of individuals.



This tool allows you to create an interactive family tree. Once you are registered, you can easily create a family tree. You are able to include family member's birth-dates, death-dates, email addresses, pictures, video clips, and more. This site also has the capacity to create timelines for births, deaths, weddings, divorces, education, occupation, and other important events and information. The family tree and some of the other activities require Flash. (Information taken from Teachers First)

My Heritage

Share your family tree and photos with the people you know and love. MyHeritage.com is free, private and secure!